Play Boxes for Kids, 100% Pure Silliness

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What is it about laughter that renders it contagious? Could it be the funny sounds we make, as a chuckle bubbles up? Science surely has the physiological answers. I do know, however, that watching and hearing someone laugh gets us going. In fact, I had a childhood friend whose laughter was so communicable, that laughing was our favorite game. I just had to say, “Let’s laugh,” and it was on!

It was this simple, hilarious game that inspired each Contagious Laughter™ play boxes for kids. The Barrel of Laughs in particular, is meant to invoke a serious case of the sillies. Our play kits contain modern, non-toxic, even some gluten-free versions of the old fashioned slime that I remember, growing up. The Space Capsule contains either Pluto Putty or Mars Mud, as cosmic version of the tactile toy. In addition, the Barrel of Laughs offers Rainbow Glow Dough (GF) and Boing Putty, which is both tactile and bouncy.

Because in the late 70s, we didn’t have all of the modern and amazing gooey stuff that kids get to enjoy today, we used to experiment. I recall sleep away camp attempts to make slime from shampoo, shaving cream, baby powder, and who knows what else? We had the gross factor down, I will grant us that. To our repeated dismay, however, playing with what we’d concocted was far from appealing.

Years later, I was a day camp counselor, where slime making was one of the campers’ favorite structured activities. That’s where I learned that my bunk mates and I could have been making slime with white glue and laundry starch. Again, what is available now and in our play boxes for kids offers that non-toxic advantage.

Furthermore, as humorous as the goofy goo is, silly sounds can split our sides as well. My niece, for example, entertained three adults as much as she did herself, when let loose upon a Whoopee Cushion. Her giggles spread and took over the room. Finally, what collection of funny toys would be complete without the visually humorous? The Barrel of Laughs play box for kids also contains face paint and a foam clown nose, because sometimes a funny face speaks for itself.

2 thoughts on “Play Boxes for Kids, 100% Pure Silliness

  1. Steve

    These play boxes are AWESOME! My kids love them and all the cool materials inside…particularly the green gooey play stuff, the whoopy cushions, and the fake fingers & nose. Keep up the great work!!! -Steve.

  2. Chaya Post author

    I am so glad that your kids enjoy the boxes, Steve. The gooey stuff is my favorite, too. 🙂

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