Childhood Memories of Puppet Fun Inspire Play Boxes for Kids


In the 90s romantic comedy Mr. Jealousy, while on a first date with Annabella Sciorra, Eric Stoltz impresses her with his Muppet walk. What woman’s heart wouldn’t melt? While developing puppet prototypes for our Contagious Laughter™ characters, I waxed nostalgic about my own childhood memories of fun with puppets.

At age five or six, I received the coolest gift: a full size, red and white stripped cardboard puppet stage. The stage, back curtain and felt puppets offered great fun. I made up plays that I performed for and with my friends, siblings and parents. Often, I just played, performing for no one in particular.

As inspiring as the puppets were, however, I was most enthralled by the large roll of “Admit One” tickets that the manufacturer had wisely included. Obviously, they knew how integral tickets are to any production. I guess I felt that the tickets lent legitimacy to my puppet shows and verisimilitude to my endeavors. After all, the post-bath time, P.J. clad performer required preparation. Therefore, I enforced a strict “no ticket no dice” policy.

Furthermore, this joyful personal memory inspired the inclusion of tickets in the Contagious Laughter™ Box Office play box for kids. The Box Office contains fairy tale finger puppets, a recorder flute and song and face paint. With these items, your child will surely create something inspired, for which you too, will be charged admission.

My memories of childhood puppets also include Muppet-like puppets that may have been Jim Henson/Sesame Street™ creations. They had blank purple, green and yellow faces, upon which I could place whichever facial features I chose. Yet again, however, I was more interested in a smaller detail—the Velcro strips, used to affix the features. Apparently, I assumed that they’d double well as bandages. Consequently, my version of Ernie appeared to have been just one mundane job and crispy condo away from refraining from discussing “Fight Club.”

Whether covered in bandages or not, we love puppets. Even as adults, mature-themed songs and dialogue move us in a unique way, when delivered by such highly expressive textiles. Therefore, since we encourage kids to think outside the play box for kids, we hope to make our Contagious Characters puppets available to yours, soon.

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