Contagious Laughter ™ Play Kits will Have You in Stitches


Can children’s lunchbox play kits cure illness? No, but they are imbued with the high vibrational properties of play, music and creativity. Let’s face it, being sick stinks, especially when you’re a kid. Flu, ear infections and chicken pox feel lousy.

Furthermore, chronic conditions test our physical, mental and spiritual fortitude. Having experienced chronic illness as an adult, I emerge from it grateful for many aspects of the process. One of these is timing. I was not a sick child; this was a blessing. Of course, in a perfect world, no child would ever experience disease. Our world, however, is not yet a perfect one.

Until the planet that we inhabit has achieved harmony and perfection, I am grateful that my personal experience informs Contagious Laughter™ play kits and puppet prototypes. Studies have revealed that laughing and smiling reconnect us to that part of ourselves that “gets it” on an unconscious level, I continue to try to comprehend and process the impact of illness upon my life. However, all children want and need to play. Play is their language. Play is how they comprehend and process their experiences.

For this reason, it’s my hope that sick children can enjoy this reconnection through play, by making music with the Music Box, creating something new with Artie’s Crafts, giggling with the Barrel of Laughs, visiting other worlds with the Space Capsule, or escaping into a fantasy with the Box Office. We all need balance in our lives, and illness robs us of that. How can you restore some balance and control to a child who isn’t feeling well? It’s child’s play!