Contagious Laughter ™ Play Kits provide Surf n’ Turf fun

In a bathtubAt Contagious Laughter™, we love to hear about the inventive ways that children use the items in their lunchbox play kits. For example, three year-old Jaden, of California, uses his Box Office fairy tale finger puppets to mount bath time puppet shows for his mom.

Certainly, the colored fizzy bath tablets in the Barrel of Laughs play kit are meant to add some color and effervescence to the bathing experience. Furthermore, the water-resistant vinyl toys can also add a whole new dimension to your child’s nightly soak. Similarly, the Space Capsule offers your child a more cosmic puppet experience, with its colorful alien finger puppets. The Martian fingers in the same kit make for a perfectly silly space alien/sea creature transformation.

In addition, the guitar inflate in the Music Box will make a huge splash, during tub time sing- alongs. Each vinyl toy can make the getting clean routine just a bit less so. As it turns out, while enjoying his Box Office play kit on both surf and turf, the intrepid Jaden may have also discovered a way to protect against those pesky prune fingers!