Contagious Laughter™ Play Kits offer One Stop Shopping in Challenging Times

iStock_000009308410_ExtraSmallThere are a few central concepts at the core of Contagious Laughter™ play kits. While pure fun is the one most relevant to children, bang for the hard earned buck resonates most with parents. In such difficult financial times, that theme is more relevant than ever.

When you purchase an Artie’s Crafts, Barrel of Laughs, Box Office, Music Box or Space Capsule play kit, you get many gifts all in one safe, colorful and reusable tin or gable box. Each play kit includes a range of high quality, safe and non-toxic gift items. Some tactile items are even gluten-free. There are five original stickers and one original character bookmark, with a poem, in each kit. Affordably priced, around $22.00, each box continues to give, every time your child opens it up.

With many families choosing land travel over air, the kits keep kids entertained during those long trips. In addition to affordability, the play kits offer portability and easy clean up. Contents are easily stored when not in use, so your child can keep track of all of his Martian fingers or face paint tubes. With the increased need for flexible travel plans, Contagious Laughter™ remains committed to providing parents with the peace of mind that accompanies a high quality gift that inspires independent play. After all, parents need to concentrate on the road and listen to that modern miracle known as GPS.