Contagious Laughter ™ Play Kits: The Perfect Older Sibling Gift

Newborn babyWhen a family welcomes a newborn, and wants the older sibling to feel loved and special, we often get this child a gift. So why not make it a gift with which she can entertain herself, like a Contagious Laughter™ play kit? Since parents will be busier than ever, the play kit encourages the older sibling to engage in activities that invite more independent and interdependent play. (Kids will enjoy sharing the kits with friends.)

Furthermore, reinforcing the very important role of big brother or sister is fun, with our unique lunchbox play kits. They offer a great opportunity for the older child to engage with his new family member. Depending upon the box you choose, the big sib can gently play some musical instruments, perform a puppet show with alien or fairy tale finger puppets, or even craft a welcome gift, with the Artie’s Crafts play kit.

In addition to these options, the big sib can simply take some time just for himself (supervised). He can enjoy his new role as the big kid, who deserves his own lunchbox play kit, to enjoy whenever and however he chooses.