Eco Friendly Play Boxes for Kids, Sustaining the Fun!

iStock_000008606819_ExtraSmallSince children are inheriting this planet, it’s comforting to know how enthusiastically many of them take to green practices and sustainability. In addition, kids and adults alike know that recycled paper shred provides more eco-friendly cushion for play kits for kids, than Styrofoam peanuts.

Those peanuts, while soft (and mostly non recyclable), can be mistaken by very young children as—you’re thinking food, right? In fact, as a kid, my brother believed that one belonged in his ear. Our family can laugh about it now, as the offending peanut was removed safely, in an emergency room, some 40 years ago.

I recently learned that the color of the packing peanut provides some distinction. The pink and white ones are petroleum based and non-recyclable. The green ones are made from 70% recycled material, which can break down in the environment. But how long does that take? I don’t know more details, beyond that. We use recycled and/or recyclable paper shred or newsprint to cushion or fun-filled play boxes for kids.

What is it about packing materials and boxes that kids find so fascinating? Well, to a child, everything offers the opportunity to play; boxes and peanuts are blank slates for their enormous imaginations. I still recall loving climbing into a big cardboard box. It became a car, spaceship or fort. Since they are compact, yet filled with hours of fun, however, there is little danger of packaging mishaps, with Contagious Laughter™ play boxes for kids.

Furthermore, the concept of a box filled with goodies inspires fun, while discouraging waste. While we hope that your child enjoys the play box for a long time to come, we encourage eventual recycling of the box and any recyclable plastic, vinyl or paper inside.

While the play boxes for kids provide easy storage, travel and clean up, they also offer kids a container to hold special items of any sort, for as long as they like. In fact, most of the items inside our play kits were chosen because they can be enjoyed repeatedly. Gifts that inspire the imagination should do so more than once.

Interestingly, some eco-friendly packing materials are edible, including real popcorn and those banana flavored, orange colored peanut candies. Rest assured, if Contagious Laughter™ ever goes that route, we will remind customers of all ages that edible filler is safe to place in mouths, not ears.