Contagious Laughter™ Play Boxes, Decidedly Not Just for Kids

Funny ScientistWhat adult can forget that old, animated cereal commercial, with the children admonishing the Trix™-addicted rabbit that the brightly colored breakfast confection was “for kids”? Alas, the rabbit was deemed “silly” (was that also his name?) and deprived of the only thing that he so desperately desired.

Of course, we always rooted for the rabbit, hoping that one TV spot would offer an alternative ending. At Contagious Laughter™, as the name states, we are all about spreading joy to kids and kids-at- heart alike. As adults in an increasingly stress-filled, electronic age, we need to access that joyful, playful part of ourselves, now, more than ever. We benefit from connecting with that part of us that can savor the now—the moments of joy that we must make.

It is said that joy has the highest vibrational energy of any emotion. While we know that laughter has healing powers, we also just love to do it. So why should kids have all the fun? As grown-ups, we have been there and done that, so we have the capacity to recognize the multiple levels and nuances of humor that a child cannot.

Moreover, when adults face illness or difficult times, we tend to spiral down into our own story, in a way that children have not yet learned to do. So why not send a Barrel of Laughs, Artie’s Crafts, Space Capsule or any other play box to an adult, today? One adult Barrel of Laughs recipient reported that while hospitalized, recovering from a stroke, it brightened his day. It sounds simple because it is.

When a friend or loved one endures a trauma like that, we tend to feel powerless to make things better for them. That is just not true. The gift of laughter is not only physically and emotionally therapeutic, it also provides a nice change of pace from flowers, beautiful and fragrant as they are.

While illness and suffering are not funny, we require resilience in order to endure, heal or overcome. I can state from personal experience, that my resilience is rooted in my ability to laugh and experience joyful moments. For me, a joke, a snuggle with a dog, a funny story, beautiful music, nature, art, a moving novel—these things fed my soul. They gave me strength to see beyond my story and to pull myself out of it. In fact, the creation of Contagious Laughter™ has fed my soul immeasurably. Furthermore, it gives me great pleasure to share this joy with others.

Consequently, based on what we know about the high vibrational, healing power of joy, it would seem that the rabbit was doing the kids a service; he made them laugh. Didn’t he deserve that Trix™ fix? Some days, a smile is an enormous victory for us grown-ups, so let’s feed and nurture each one. If an adult you know is having trouble doing so, start them off with one of our lunchbox play kits. I sincerely believe it will bring that joyful energy to light.